Wedding Dance

Embrace Your Love With Tango As Your First Dance

Argentine Tango is the dance of elegance and poise. It is about connecting with your partner and to the music you dance to. These are the concepts we will incorporate into your wedding dance to create a wonderful moment to enjoy and to capture for posterity.

You can choose your favourite tune to dance to, or we can help you to find a tango or tango waltz that suits you as a couple.

If you have previous experience in any style of couple dancing it might only take an hour's session to tweak and polish your moves. This will make you both feel confident and ready to embrace your beloved one during this unique moment on your special day.

If you have never danced before, in a few hours we will help you to discover the connection with your partner and enable you to dance beautifully your first dance.

Enjoy Tango with Your Guests

We are available to perform and/or teach a tango taster class at your wedding reception if you wish to treat your guests with something special. Usually the performance is 10-15 minutes long and the taster class lasts for an hour. You can have either or both. Contact us for further details.

Wedding Dance & First Dance with profeshian teacher Sari Lievonen of the Glasgow Tango Studio


The earlier you begin your classes the better but it is never too late to prepare for your first dance. You will give a wonderful surprise to your family and friends who won't yet know about your dancing potential. It takes normally five to ten hours of private tuition to prepare yourselves. Your progress depends on how much you can practice on your own and how much detail you want to include in your first dance.

Not everyone chooses to have a fully choreographed dance. The beauty of Argentine Tango as the basis for your wedding dance is that you don't necessarily need a fully choreographed routine. We will teach you how to combine basic steps and figures so that your dance continues smoothly, regardless what happens on your special day, even if you momentarily forget your next step.


For further enquiries please contact Sari.

Phone: 07495 522377



Wedding Dance classes are taught by professional dance teacher & choreographer Sari Lievonen who has over 30 years of experience working in the dance profession.

During your private class you will have the undivided attention of the teacher. Depending on the venue and time of your class another private class may take place with Glasgow Tango Studio teacher Jeff Allan.