Special Tango Events


Over the years in addition to our regular classes practica and milongas we have organised special events 



A selection of our previous tango events


Tango Weekend with Melina Sedó & Detlef Engel

We were delighted to have Melina and Detlef teaching in Scotland for the first time in what was a truly memorable weekend of social Tango.

November 9th - 11th 2018

Friday milonga with DJ: Jeff Allan

Saturday milonga with DJ: Melina Sedó


Saturday workshops

Caminar abrazados - Walking in an embrace (90 minutes)

Tango is walking. During this workshops we’ll work on different aspects of the movement: an appropriate inner and outer posture, dissociation, relaxation, changing the length of your steps, smooth changes to the outer lanes and on the most important factor of well-being - the embrace. Our signature workshops is strongly recommended to anyone who has not yet worked with us and to all who want to ease into the work by focussing on yourself and the partner in this beautiful dance.


Please turn! (2 x 90 minutes module)

In this fun and challenging class we will examine turned movements that are not based on the typical molinette structure, but curve our linear repertoire. We will curve synchronous and asynchronous walking, ochos and milonguero ochos and play with the centres of rotation in he couple. The goal is to transfer all your knowledge of linear movements to more compact moves for packed rondas and moments when you cannot just walk on. We will adapt the level and amount of the input to the skills of each couple, so that dancers of all levels will get valuable advice. Those who have done classes on tuns with us before, will find this workshop very different! 


Sunday workshops 

Rhythm, Syncopation & Phrase (90 minutes)

Discovering the most important rhythmic variations and general structures of Tango music. This class is the perfect preparation for the last workshop of the weekend and will break up lots of old habits. Pre-requisite: the ability to communicate changes of speed and length in the walk by using the counter-body movement. We recommend workshop 1 (Caminar Abrazados) as a preparation.


One Tango - Three Orchestras

Our new favourite workshop will help you to distinct different styles and important characteristics of tango music. We will examine one tango very deeply, get to know its history, structure, rhythmical variations and instrumentation in versions by three major tango orchestras. This exciting class will deepen your musical understanding and bring new insights even for advanced dancers. You do not need a partner for this class: we will listen to music, discuss, move alone. There will also be practical advise for the dance that you can try out with a partner - but musical expression begins in your own mind and body. This is why the focus will not be on the WHAT (steps) but in the HOW (step dynamic, expression) and WHEN (speed, rhythmic variation) of your movements.


Melina Sedo & Detlef Angel, at a Glasgow Tango Studio event 2018

Melina Sedo & Detlef Angel

Melina Sedó & Detlef Engel dance to La Chacarera by Rodolfo Biagi during the Glasgow Tango Studio weekend of workshops & Milongas, November 2018.