Saturday Tango Classes


All Saturday classes are 1.30 - 2.30pm

Booking your class.

You may book in person at any of our tango events or by contacting Sari

Tel: 07495 522377
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We do our best to balance the numbers of followers and leaders in our classes and workshops. Booking your place helps us to achieve this. You can book as a couple or to learn either role. Booked courses or single classes need to be paid in advance to reserve your place. If you cancel a booked single class 48 hours prior the class, you will be fully refunded.

You do not need to book for the Guided Practicas, just turn up on the day.


Tango Foundations II - A five-week course

February 24th - March 31st

General Level - suitable for beginner's and beyond

This course includes a class from 1.30-2.30pm followed by a practice session until 3.30pm.

On these classes we’ll continue to developing our skills in the core concepts that enable enjoyable social tango: posture, connection, walking technique and an understanding of musicality. Theses classes are also well suited for those with previous tango experience who wish to progress from open embrace to close embrace as to make this transition you will benefit greatly from re-capping the basics. We also add new vocabulary and variations based on an individual level of dancing.

Course price; £42
Course with the Matinee Miongas £50

Pay on the day option
available for dancers with previous tango experience who come along as a couple.
Class & Practica £9/person

New Year’s Deal; Class & Practica & Matinee Milonga £12/person


Guided Practica

April 7th and May 5th

Time: 1.30 - 2.30pm
Guided Practica & Practica £6/person or Guided Practica + Practica +  Matinee Milongal £10

No need to book just turn up on the day!

During the guided practica teachers Sari and Jeff are available for you to ask any questions about your tango learning. If you’ve recently taken a few workshops and feel like the material is already escaping your body and mind, we can help you to deepen your understanding hold on to it.


The Tango Embrace

Workshop with Jeff & Caroline

April 14th

Level: General - beginners and beyond

In this workshop we look at the quality of the tango embrace and how to make changes between the open and the close embrace. We will do some fun exercises that will help us to make our tango embrace more comfortable for both the follower and the leader. The workshop is recommended to anyone who would like to make the transition towards dancing in a close embrace or enhance their understanding of the embrace.


Milonga Basics I & II

Workshop with Sari & Jeff

April 24th & 28th

Level: General - beginners and beyond

These two workshops introduce you to milonga, one of the three dances that we dance within the social tango context alongside with tango and tango-vals. You will discover how to translate your existing tango skills to be used to create this fun and rhythmical dance.

Workshop Prices

You can save with block booking!
Three Workshops & Practicas £24/person
Three Workshops & Pracicas & Matinee Milongas £30
Pay on the Day option Individual Workshop & Practica £9/person
Workshop - Practica - Matinee Milonga £12/person


Tango Foundations

A new Beginner's course

May 12th - June 16th (6-weeks)

Open level; suitable for total beginner's and those with some previous experience.

This course includes the class from 1.30-2.30pm and the Practica until 3.30pm. The course material is designed in such a way so that you will greatly benefit if you can stay on and practice after the class. You may also ask help from the teachers during this practice time. Attending this informal Practica will introduce you to the social context of tango so that progressing to the more formal social dances called Milongas will be much easier. You may stay for the full two hours or leave earlier if you need to do so.

Refreshments and light snack are provided through the tafternoon.

During this course you will learn how to achieve correct tango posture and thus create the all important tango connection. Understanding the basics of walking technique will enable you to start enjoying this beautiful dance. This style of tango is best suited to dancing socially using improvisation rather than set routines.

Learning the tango walk will prepare you to understand the basic figures and there variations

Course price; £50 Class + Practica
Course with six Matinee Milongas £60 (suitable for those with previous tango experience)

Pay on the day option is available for dancers with previous tango experience who come along as a couple.
Class + Practica £9/person
Class + Practica + Matinee Milonga £12/person

Where to find the classes

The Scout Hall

76 Kelbourne Street

G20 8PR

Glasgow, West End


Learning with Glasgow Tango Studio

What to expect at our Saturday tango classes & workshops

The material we teach on this level is suitable for dancing both in an open embrace or the close embrace. Where appropriate we explain how to adapt the material to different embraces. Majority of our students prefer to develop their skills in the close embrace style especially. We introduce new vocabulary (as a continuation to our improver level), enhance musicality and expand the understanding of how tango elements can be varied and merged. You benefit from theses classes most if you dance on a regular basis.