Saturday Tango Classes


All Saturday classes are 1.30 - 2.30pm at the Scout Hall.

Pre-booking your place for classes is necessary.

You may book in person at any of our tango events or by contacting Sari

Tel: 07495 522377
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We do our best to balance the numbers of followers and leaders in our classes.
You can book your place as a couple or to learn either role.
Pre-booking your place helps us to achieve this.



Workshops for June & July

Semi-Private Class for a small group

June 24th (open level)
Price: £10
Time 1.30 - 2.30pm
At the Scout Hall 76 Kelbourne St. Glasgow

These classes are offerd to 2-4 couples. Depending on the attendance the class will be taught by Sari or both Sari and Jeff. We'll warm-up with an element or a step combination that is a core part of our tango vocabulary. It may be a new addition to your skills or if a re-cap we can look at a variation. Afterwards we'll work on an individual level with each couple. You may present the material that you wish work on and develop (like a new move or something you've learned previously but it is not working...) or we can decide together what to work on. There will be no partner swapping during this class.


Enhancing Your Musicality as a Tango Dancer

July 1st  (open level)
Time: 1.30 - 2.30pm
At the Scout Hall 76 Kelbourne St. Glasgow.

During this class you will learn about phrasing your choreography in all three dances; tango, milonga and tango-vals and how to create more dialogue within the couple. You will become skilled in knowing how and what to listen to so that interpreting the music becomes much more natural. No need to have learned tango-vals before.


The Tango Embrace

July 8th (open level)
Time 1.30 - 2.30pm
At the Scout Hall 76 Kelbourne St. Glasgow.

Tango is walking in an embrace. We’ll look at quality of embrace and give you the tools for transitions between the open and the close embrace.


Tango-Vals Special

July 15th (open level)

Time: 1.30 - 2.30pm
At the Scout Hall 76 Kelbourne St. Glasgow.

Understanding the double-time options in tango-vals and how they differ from both tango and milonga will make a huge difference in you being a musical dancer. We’ll start to explore musical interpretations with some basic moves and develop options based on your own level of dancing.


Introduction to the Cross-System

July 22nd (open level)

Time: 1.30 - 2.30pm
At the Scout Hall 76 Kelbourne St. Glasgow.

Being able to dance smoothly between parallel and cross-systems creates freedom of movement, increases your repertoire and adds a new layer of enjoyment in the dance for both leaders and followers.


Basics of Barridas (Sweeps & Drags)

July 29th (open level)

Time: 1.30 - 2.30pm
At the Scout Hall 76 Kelbourne St Glasgow.

Successful barridas require an additional point of connection. Exploring the technique opens the way to incorporate them into you dance in various locations.


Prices for July classes: £8/per class; classes can be taken individually but they need to be paid in advance to confirm your place.

48hour cancellation policy applies to individual classes once paid.

Block booking options; no refunds once the first class has been taken. any four classes £28 / all five classes £32 any four classes with the Practicas £40 / all 5 classes + Practicas £45






Where to find the classes

The Scout Hall

76 Kelbourne Street

G20 8PR

Glasgow, West End


Learning with Glasgow Tango Studio

What to expect at our Saturday tango classes & workshops

The material we teach on this level is suitable for dancing both in an open embrace or the close embrace. Where appropriate we explain how to adapt the material to different embraces. Majority of our students prefer to develop their skills in the close embrace style especially. We introduce new vocabulary (as a continuation to our improver level), enhance musicality and expand the understanding of how tango elements can be varied and merged. You benefit from theses classes most if you dance on a regular basis.