Saturday Tango Social, offers a Class, a Practica and a Matinee milonga

About the Saturday Social

Sari & Jeff started Glasgow's first ever Practica in 2005. This social tango event has been running on Saturdays ever since. Over the years our event has always been a popular and an important part of the Glasgow scene. It is suitable for all dancers who have previous tango experience. As an informal social dance event it offers the opportunity both for practicing and dancing socially to prepare yourself for the more formal context of the milonga.

The music at the practica is played in tandas (4 songs by the same orchestra or in the same style) but without cortinas, the short interludes of non-tango music which are used to clear the dance floor and indicate a possibility for a change of partners.
Jeff is our resident DJ though we may occasionally have a guest DJ as well.

All styles of social tango are welcome to be danced at the Saturday Social as long as everyone knows and respects good floor craft skills. We encourage the use cabeceo, though more informal verbal invitations are also common practice at this event.


If you have not danced tango before please join our beginner’s classes to learn the basics. If you would prefer a more individual approach you can also learn the basics through private tuition.

Once you are familiar with the principles of tango posture, connection and walking technique you are welcome join the 1.30-2.30pm tuition sessions and the Saturday Social - Practica.

Saturday beginners class click her for the details.. 


Saturday Afternoons

Saturday Social - Practica 2.30 - 5.00pm
The Scout Hall, 76 Kelbourne St. Glasgow G20 8PR

Entry £6
price includes refreshments.



If you are a visitor to our event or coming for the first time, please contact us by email or text us on 0749 5522 377 to request the door code for access into the building.


Most Saturdays there is a tuition session with Sari & Jeff from 1.30-2.30pm which can be either a class, workshops or a Guided Practica.

Saturday classes click here for more details..