Advanced Tango Classes


Dancing with Grace & Exquisite Embrace

We teach advanced workshops periodically.

Currently attending these workshops is by invitation only.

If you would like to be considered to take part, just let us know and we can see if these workshops are suitable for you and if we have places available.
Contact Sari to enquire..


You might want to attend our Saturday workshops & classes as they are beneficial also for advanced level dancers.

Advanced Tango Classes in Glasgow with Glasgow Tango Studio, Sari Lievonen, Caro Millet & Jeff Allan

About our Advanced Tango Classes

These workshops are for those dancing regularly and comfortably in a close embrace. We use open embrace and practice hold for learning purposes but the aim of the material we work with and explore is ultimately to be enjoyed in a close-embrace and milonguero styles of dancing. We emphasise the musicality and the quality of your dancing rather than quantity of the repertoire.