Beginner Tango Classes

Beginner's Tango Taster Class

Try Argentine Tango with Sari Lievonen & Jeff Allan.

Our next Tango Taster Class will be Friday 13th September at the CCA-Glasgow

7pm Taster Class
8pm Presentation of some different tango styles by Sari & Jeff
8.30-11pm Social dancing

More details soon


Our next Beginner's Tango course will be on Saturdays starting in mid September. details soon.

What to expect at beginner level

To learn the tango is like learning a new language. We need some vocabulary and the basics of grammar to understand how this amazing movement language works. When danced socially Argentine Tango is an improvised dance based on walking. We will work with posture, connection and walking technique along with introducing you to the basic steps and step combinations. We do not teach you set routines or sequences. You will learn to be creative while communicating with your partner in expressing the classic era tango music.